About Us – Hog Roast Alresford

 Hog Roast AlresfordEvent catering in Alresford has never been easier – and more tasty – with our dedicated and experienced team of professional hog roast chefs.

Whatever type (or size) of event you’re planning, Hog Roast Alresford will provide everything required for a DIY spit roast or a fully-catered hog roast service, with our local team ensuring the food side of your gathering is a hit.

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering of friends or a large-scale corporate do, we will provide the freshest, crispiest hog roast with all the trimmings you desire via our bespoke menu, as well as a top-tier service from our friendly team.

In case you’re wondering, our offerings aren’t just limited to hog roasts. On the contrary, we can provide just about any other type of cuisine you desire to make sure no tummy goes hungry.

Finally, our in-built mobile spit roasts are available for rent or purchase, should you wish to host your own hog roast.

Hog Roast AlresfordHands-On Dining Experience In Alresford

Like we said, don’t be fooled by our name! We’re certainly no one-trick pony, and instead, offer a wide variety of culinary options to suit all palates and preferences.

Whether you require a cute ‘n’ quirky outdoor wedding catering job, a formal and sophisticated spread for a workplace environment, or something fancy that requires champagne, canapés, and bowtie waiters – we can do it all.

In short, whatever your budget, event size, dress code, or catering needs are – we are of service.

Pig-to-Plate Freshness & Exemplary Service

Hog Roast AlresfordWe don’t make compromises or sacrifices when it comes to the freshness and quality of our ingredients – including the roast meat itself.

Wherever possible, we will always source our food products locally, ensuring nothing but the freshest ingredients, as well as doing our bit for the local economy.

At Hog Roast Alresford, we guarantee mouthwatering cuisine at affordable prices, and the reason we can create the tastiest nosh in the area is because of the freshness of our ingredients.

Our local and trusted suppliers allow us to make our homemade items (such as our infamous apple sauce!) ensuring quality and freshness are never compromised.

Because a typical hog roast will take between 4-6 hours to cook, our Hog Roast Alresford team will arrive at your venue within that timeframe to start the cooking process, meaning the meat will literally be off-the-bone fresh once your guests start to arrive!

During this cooking period, the rotating element of the spit roast will allow the pig’s succulent juices to slowly sizzle away within the meat for several hours, so that when it’s time for everyone to chow down, the meat will be so tender and juicy, your guests will want a second helping.

And yes – of course there will be crackling a-plenty too!

Hog Roast AlresfordZero Hungry Tummies

As we mentioned earlier, we provide a bespoke menu option, which gives you full control over what gets served, allowing you to take into consideration any dietary preferences or requirements.

This includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options – we like to make sure every single guest has a plate of something delicious, whatever the case.

Sustainable & Practical Machinery

Hog Roast AlresfordAs for venues, we can cater to almost anywhere – this includes corporate environments, lakeside weddings, back gardens, village fayres, hen parties, lavish hotels, and everywhere in between.

Our gas-powered hog roast machines are simple and practical, can be manoeuvred just about anywhere, and will be rigged up with little mess, noise, or faff!

With over three decades of experience in the hog roasting industry, we know the best machinery in the biz and carry a range of hog roast machines for rent or purchase for a variety of budgets.

Get in Touch

We strive to make sure every step of your hog roast journey is a positive one: from the initial point of contact to the day itself, ensuring your Hog Roast Alresford experience will be a pleasant (and very tasty) one.

Hog Roast Alresford is waiting to help you create the event of the century, so get in touch today to discuss machine rental or a hands-on event catering team for your function.